Krista Mölder
Photography Artist

In Publications

Review in Sirp by Anneli Porri (in Estonian)

Article , 12 September 08

Review in 2011/ 3-4 by Eve Kiiler. Image, memory and fiction in the Baltics (In Estonian / English)

Article , 1 August 11

Interview with Margot Kask in Cheese (37/10) (in Estonian)


Review in Artishok by Andreas Trossek (in Estonian)


Review in 2010/ 1-2 by Elnara Taidre (in Estonian / English)


Review in Artishok by Elnara Taidre (in Estonian)


Interview with Elina Ruka in Foto Kvartals (in Latvian / English)


Interview with Reet Varblane in Sirp (in Estonian)

Article , 13 January 12

Interview with Kadri Karro in Eesti Ekspress (in Estonian)

Article , 13 December 12