Krista Mölder
Photography Artist

Landmarks. The use of empty toothpaste tube.

Photographic series Landmarks / The use of empty toothpaste tube deals with the themes of location, place and space, with “mapping” of what might be called subjective space. Within this framework the photographs are also an investigation of the “poetic language” of photography.

The work is inspired by memories, thoughts, impressions, recollections of key events in life. The idea of the series is to bring into the centre of attention at first sight unimportant, trivial moments or an idea, to give it the status of a landmark. Referring to these ordinary, “little things” and details as kind of fulcrums in our life.
There is no end or beginning in these sequences, because, absence of them may sometimes help to focus on details and capture the essence of things and hopefully bring the viewer closer to the matter.

An aesthetic strategy is to disrupt the orientation of the spectator, so as to “see” rather than merely “look” at the scene. The works construct a space for the spectator to engage with the questions of location. The pictures have sense of the everyday presence of people “having been there” – the presence of absence. Narration in these pictures evokes through the viewer’s experience, scenes from the everyday life that take themselves beyond the symbolic significance than they actually represent.