Krista Mölder
Photography Artist

Krista’s CV

Krista Mölder (b. 1972)

Lives and works in Tallinn, Estonia
+372 56 697 928 Estonia

Solo Exhibitions

2012 Being Present (with Neeme Külm) Tallinn Art Hall Gallery, Tallinn
2011 European Eyes on Japan. Japan Today. Vol.13 (with Kalle Kataila; curated by Mikiko Kikuta). Turku (FIN), Tallinn (EST)
2010 Boredom is not far from ecstasy, Draakoni Gallery, Tallinn
2009 PIND / LIND (In between internal & external; 2D ↔ 3D), ArtDepoo, Tallinn
2007 The use of empty toothpaste tube. Hobusepea Gallery, Tallinn
2006 Landmarks, Estonian Honorary Consulate, Cheltenham, UK
2006 Prologue to Landmarks, Deco Gallery, Tallinn
2001 Cathedral, Jaani church, Tartu

Selected Group Exhibitions

2012 Silence. (curated by Jaanika Peerna), Gallery Masters & Pelavin, NY, USA
2011 Generaton of the the Place: Image, Memory and Fiction in the Baltics. (curated by Vytautas Michelkevicius) Tallinn Art Hall
2010 INCLUSION OF ILLUSION / ILLUSION OF INCLUSION, Gallery Vartai/ Vilnius, Lithuania
2008 Up Close and Personal (curated by Marge Monko), Gallery Draakon, Tallinn
2004 Dislocated, Vaal Gallery, Tallinn
2004 Dislocated, Tartu Art House, Tartu
2004 Home, sweet home, Rotermann’s Salt Storage, Tallinn
2004 Summerholidays, Islington Art Factory, London, UK
2004 Embedded, MA Photographic Studies, University of Westminster, London
2003 Me & other. Estonian Artists’ Associations exhibition, Tallinn Art Hall
2002 Young Estonian photo Free will, Hansapank gallery, Tallinn
2002 Dance, Blanchardstown library, Ireland
2002 Young photographers exhibition, Tartu Art House, Tartu
1998 The Nordic Islands, Pärnu, Tartu, Narva, Tallinn
2000 Deja vu, gallery Lee, Tallinn

Curated Exhibitions

2009 Things, Space, States, Y-galerii, Tartu (with Margot Kask)
2006 Serve up & thoughts, Tampere maja, Tartu

Catalogues / Books

2012 Vytautas Michelkevičius, Generation of the Place: Image, Memory and Fiction in the Baltics
2011 European Eyes on Japan. Japan Today. Vol.13 (curated by Mikiko Kikuta)
2009 Gallery ArtDepoo
2008 Hobusepea galerii 2003-2007
2004 Home sweet home (exhibition catalogue, curated by Eha Komissarov)


2006 Estonian Academy of Arts, Dep. of Photography, MA in art
2004 University of Westminster, London, MA Studies in Photography
2001 Tartu Art College, Department of Photography, Diploma in Art
1994 University of Tartu, Institute of Geography, BSc
2003 … to present lecturer in photography in Estonian Academy of Arts

List of lecture courses

Place. Descriptions in Photography / Personal Sphere. Photography
Space and Rhythm in Photography / History and Theory of Photography


Founding member of FOKU – Estonian Union of Photography Artists

Estonian Artists Association

Works in Collections

Deutche Bank Collection Private collections in Estonia, Russia, Germany


2011 EU-Japan Fest Japan Committee, Photography Project “European Eyes on Japan / Japan Today”. Akita prefecture, Japan